Gymkhana is derived from the Persian
word Jamaatkhana.

This Anglo-Indian expression originally referred to a place of assembly. But as time evolved, they- apart from carrying on with their basic function- also started organizing food fests and other such gatherings. Doha Gymkhana is based on similar guidelines and tends to offer you the best dining experience of your life.

We strive on complete satisfaction of our esteemed customers. The contemporary setup includes extravagant services, ambience, wine selection, and Imperial Indian food, offering fine dining experience. As vast is the variety of Indian spices, so is the selection of dishes we have. Our menu reflects the diversity of India, offering subtle touches of modernity. The setup along with knowledgeable and technically able staff results in a vibrant and sophisticated place for you to be in.

Refined Dining

The rich Indian flavours everyone loves gorging on make for a great menu at Gymkha
na. The Gymkhana Chefs present to you a menu that reflects the history of savoury
Indian food. The rich aromatic ingredients combined with exclusive Indian cooking
techniques act as the core of our menu, having hand-picked dishes appreciated by the

Gymkhana is a place of gathering,
a place of celebration,
and a place for pleasure!